Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A tour of New Orleans

There is so much work still to be done. I took some pictures of our neighborhood from the car the other day. Now keep in mind, this is one of the "decent" neighborhoods. Look at all the work that needs to be done! Some houses are fixed, some aren't and some just need to be torn down and rebuilt. It's aweful! I really hope this city can get it together soon. I sent Clinton out with the camera today to take some pictures of the 9th ward. When he gets them, I'll post them too.

This is my house, cute huh?

And this is a house on the same street that desperately needs to be fixed. The rest are all houses in the same area. Just proof that some are done, some are not.

This is Palmer Park. It has a playground, a track and a baseball diamond. Up until a couple months ago, it was completely filled with FEMA trailers and it's going to take forever to get cleaned up enough to take our kids there again.


jmb_one said...

Love the pics, but you need to add some pics of you and Clinton. Wish I could have come to Mardi Gras, maybe next year.

Jenine said...

yes, your house is cute! :)

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