Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We have a walker!

Dominic took his first steps today. He's been standing unassisted for some time now but refused to walk. So today he took 4 full steps before he crouched down to crawl. It was pretty exciting but of course he refuses to do it again. I'm pretty sure he runs and walks when we aren't looking and he's just messing with my head.

Gabe has been bad lately, real bad. I'm not really sure what to do. He's learned how to talk back and he has a real smart mouth. I never, ever let him get away with it but nothing seems to deter him. Today was aweful. It seemed like he was in trouble the whole day for not minding or talking back. Also, when he gets real mad he calls me "Shaunee" What two year old does that?


Catrina said...

awwww congrats and wtg Dominic!!!!

Sorry Gabe is being a little butt lately. Tayla is like that on some days too. Hopefully it's a phase? lol Let's hope right? Oh and Tayla loves calling me and Bart by our names too **insert eyeroll**

Adam's Mom said...

Way to go Dominic! How can he be old enough already?!!

And little Gabe - sorry sweets! I feel your pain! Adam throw my good mug across the room today which warranted a nice long time out and then another when he refused to appologize to both mommy and daddy (just sorry to mommy, not sorry daddy. Hard not to giggle at that one mind you.) Aaaahhh two what a lovely age!

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