Sunday, January 13, 2008

I love Sundays!

So Clinton worked 6 days this week again. Sunday is his only day off. I really like when he is home. We're getting ready to go to the zoo soon. Pics to come! I think we will be meeting his cousin CJ and his wife Tasha there. We have been spending a lot of time with them lately and it's nice. I enjoy having contact with other adults sometimes (even though when you get Clinton with his cousins, it's hard to think of it as adult sometimes) They came over last night along with CJ's brother Brandon and stayed pretty late so I am tired.

Not much new has gone on here, that's why I haven't put up any new blogs. I didn't want to bore anyone. Dominic is trying to figure out how to walk. He took one full step yesterday and then fell down. Now I can't get him to even try. I guess he figures crawling is much faster. He is quite the crawler too. I wish I could find a contest around here to put him in because we would surely win!

The diet is going well. Yesterday I decided I deserved a little cheat so I had brownies and then pasta for dinner. Well, my head hurt so bad when I woke up this morning that I doubt I will be doing that again. Weigh in is tomorrow and I really hope it looks good! Tasha is on the same weight watchers diet as I am so that is good. I really hope we can motivate each other.

I'm going to try and put a new picture up with each post. I haven't taken any new ones since the park last week so I'm sharing an old one but it is one of my favorites. Dominic really loves his daddy. Sometimes I get a little jealous but I guess he figures he has me all day. I did sleep in a little today and when I went out in the living room, both boys were so excited to see me. That feels so good!

For all of you that leave comments, thank you! I love getting them and even though I am totally slacking, I will get to your blogs and leave some for you too. If you want me to link your blog, please let me know and I will do it. I know I've been lazy about linking my friends. Please link me to yours too.


Dani said...

Ahh I cant believe Dominic is trying to WALK! Time flies! Sweet picture of your man and Dominic too!

kaysdee said...

I'm glad things are going well. Love the pic, so sweet.

Dominic needs to teach Ben how to crawl, he kinda slides backwards, but no real motion yet.

Adam's Mom said...

How can your little one be trying to walk already?! that's crazy - he was just born!

I love the photo you shared so special! Adam is a big mama's boy but the tender moments he spends with Shawn really warm my heart!

As for linking, I'd love to link you but I have no idea how I'm such a computer idiot!

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