Sunday, January 6, 2008

And Sunday was family day!

Today we were all home together, which was so nice since Clinton works so much. He let me sleep in (this is turning into a habit that I will soon need to break) and I slept til 11! Once I did get up and got going, got the boys fed, napped and ready to go, we took them to Audubon Park. I'd never been there before but it's across the street from the zoo and it is huge! Clinton's cousin CJ and his wife Tasha met us there. Gabe got to learn how to ride his new bike. It was too cute. Unfortunately, he was more interested in all the people walking their dogs and flirting with the little girls running around. If his interest in girls at 2 1/2 is any indication of the future, I am in big trouble!


kaysdee said...

Katie's still trying to master her trike! She's never been very co-ordinated, bless her.

Love the pics, those dungarees look adorable :)

granny said...

Gabe will soon master the trike and Dom will soon be walking. You think you're tired now??? Glad you could have a family day and some relaxation. Love you all. Granny

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