Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Pics

I forgot to post the Easter pics so here they are! Yes, I know I am mean for making them both wear the bunny ears but how many more years can I get them to do it? I did save them, we will do it again next year. They got a bit of candy in their baskets but most of it vanished before they got to eat it. Wonder where it went? Ha ha ha!

On Easter morning we took the boys to go see Horton Hears A Who. I figured we might as well take Dominic since he is usually more well mannered than Gabriel anyway. Well, wasn't I surprised. Gabriel sat through the whole movie, just chomping on his popcorn and being very good. Dominic, on the other hand, was whiney and fussy and had to be removed from the theater. After that, we took a bit of a drive and ended up at the lake to eat our lunch. We spent the afternoon and part of the evening at Clinton's grandparents house. Overall, it was a pretty good first Easter in New Orleans.
Dominic got to try his first Peep and to Clinton's disappointment, he is like me and he LOVES them!! Then again, he doesn't really turn much down. He doesn't like jellybeans though. It was hilarious watching him spit it out.

Gabe-isms: the speech of a toddler

Watching Gabriel grow up is really fun and rewarding. Often it is hilarious too. He has a crazy sense of humor and when it is accidental is when he is the funniest. To the left is what he does when I tell him to make a funny face by the way. He doesn't always look that weird.

Gorilla or girnona = granola. He does love his granola bars!
He has a bit of a speech impediment still and his "l" sounds like "w" a lot of the time. For example, "I want to sit in the wibbing woom" is really "I want to sit in the living room." He cracks me up!
Also as most parents and non-parents know, the terrible two's really can be terrible. I'm just glad that my boy has manners when he throws a tantrum. Yesterday I told him to pick up his toys and he shrieked (and I mean he was loud) "NO THANK YOU MAMA!" I couldn't believe my ears so I asked him to repeat and he said "I SAID NO THANK YOU MAMA! I DON'T WANT TO PICK UP MY TOYS, NO THANK YOU MAMA!" Well, I very politely sent him to his room for a nap. When he got up, he picked up his toys.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Take this test, it's great!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Easter Bunny Picture

Yet again, Gabe refuses to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap but Dominic is such a pro! He knows how to sit, how to pose and he looks so cute!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kerry from J05 came to town!

So Kerry is in town for a conference so we met up for brunch today at Luke. Here's the link
We had an excellent time and I enjoyed every minute of our visit with Kerry. Thankfully the boys were very well behaved, Gabriel especially and that is rare. He is in love with Kerry! When it was time for her to go, he gave her hugs and kisses and told her "No Kerry! Don't leave me! Don't go!" It's safe to say she has a way with kids!

French Quarter

I saved the pictures of the French Quarter for their own post. It is really an amazing place down there and totally unlike the rest of the city. I just wanted to share a couple pictures of the street performers that we saw that I thought were really neat. First picture, I have no idea on Earth how this guy manages to balance on the ladder and not move. I mean, he does not move at all. I couldn't even see him breath! The second pic is a man completely painted in silver! He stands on a platform and looks like a real metal statue. Only as we were walking by, he made these really weird clicking sounds to get our attention. He never said a word but he set this picture up of Brian being held up by the silver statue and Zack, Kevin and Brian's family friend. It really was neat and made for a great picture!

There were a lot of other neat things we saw, like the riverboats and row after row of historic bars and taverns. Even the peoplewatching was spectacular. We went to the Audubon Aquarium and Jackson Square. I'd never seen that much of the French Quarter on foot. We'd always just driven by so it was like all of us were tourists for the day instead of just them. I hope they come back again soon!

Our visit from Kevin!

Kevin is my friend from junior high. We met in 8th grade and then he moved to Oklahoma in 9th. Somehow through all these years we managed to keep in touch. Unbelievable I know! So Thursday, he was on his way back from a cruise and happened to be docking in New Orleans so I got to see Kevin, his sister Susie and his boyfriend Brian. I was so excited that he finally got to meet my kids and spend the day with us. I got a few pictures I'd love to share! We had a really great time and even the sunburn after was worth it. Gabriel and Dominic loved Brian and Kevin and had a great time as well. It just so happened that they were here on Dominic's birthday so we considered it the celebration. Even Clinton met us after work later that night and he said he was impressed that I have such cool friends. I don't know if I should be offended or complimented by that. However, when I told him that I had invited them to come back for future visits, he said "Good, they can stay with us."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dominic!

Happy birthday little boy! I can't believe you're 1 today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The official George W. Bush Countdown Clock

How long before we get a new Prez?

Thinking about changing background.

Tell me what you think...
Should I leave the Mardi Gras diamond background or do you think it would be easier to read if I had a plain black background? Or do you have a better idea? I love the header on it, I don't want to change that. Leave your opinion in comments please!

The boys

Apparently they no longer like having their pictures taken. Whenever I pull the camera out, they run, hide, cry or try to cover themselves in food so I can't get a good picture in anymore. Gabriel even resorted to throwing a sippy cup at me because I wouldn't put the camera down. Nice! I can't wait for the teen years!


Although I have never voted for the worst, I have always found this website amusing. Why is it that a lot of past American Idol contestants who didn't like VFTW are now advertising there? Odd! Anyway, check them out for a bit of amusement!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another shout out to the world of working at home!

For those of you interested (I do get a lot of questions) this is a one stop shop of information regarding working at home. You can ask pretty much anything you need to know about particular jobs and find out if things are legit. Please check them out, it's a great forum with tons of information.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Working From Home

Many of you already know that I have started working from home. I get so many questions about it that I figure I better do some blogging about it. Hands down, my favorite position right now is for ACD Direct.

My job there is to take pledge calls for PBS, National Public Radio and St. Jude. I love it! If you are intereted in working from home, I would recommend applying there ASAP. As far as I know, they will not be conducting interviews again until the pledge drive is over in April. However, I would apply anyway. It's a lot of fun!

Click and watch!