Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gabe-isms: the speech of a toddler

Watching Gabriel grow up is really fun and rewarding. Often it is hilarious too. He has a crazy sense of humor and when it is accidental is when he is the funniest. To the left is what he does when I tell him to make a funny face by the way. He doesn't always look that weird.

Gorilla or girnona = granola. He does love his granola bars!
He has a bit of a speech impediment still and his "l" sounds like "w" a lot of the time. For example, "I want to sit in the wibbing woom" is really "I want to sit in the living room." He cracks me up!
Also as most parents and non-parents know, the terrible two's really can be terrible. I'm just glad that my boy has manners when he throws a tantrum. Yesterday I told him to pick up his toys and he shrieked (and I mean he was loud) "NO THANK YOU MAMA!" I couldn't believe my ears so I asked him to repeat and he said "I SAID NO THANK YOU MAMA! I DON'T WANT TO PICK UP MY TOYS, NO THANK YOU MAMA!" Well, I very politely sent him to his room for a nap. When he got up, he picked up his toys.


Adam's Mom said...

LOL at no thank you mama! too funny!

Tiburon said...

NO THANK YOU MAMA! He is a crack up. He has great hair :)

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