Monday, April 7, 2008
What a cool site! You all should checking out and vote for your favorite post of the day. You can also sign up with them and submit your blog so that you can be included in the coolest new website I've seen in a while. They even have a contest for the best post of the month. The writer of the post and the person who submits the post to yearblook will each receive a $50 prize. This is also a great site to check if you are looking to find the best blogs on the planet. I have found some of the most profound and some of the funniest pages just by cruising through and clicking on some of the more popular posts displayed Of course if you see one of my posts up there, be sure to stop and vote for it. I have to get a bit of self promotion in there. I have found a lot of new ideas for my blog in there as well and I think I may be incorporating a few things into this site. Definitely check them out!

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Dani said...

cool, I will go check it out.

Click and watch!